Shipping and Payment

Though visiting this e-shop is absolutely free, buying from us means you have to add the items you want in your cart, until you've done. Then, go to the shopping cart and select a shipping method.

As the site updates the total cost, you'll have to accept our selling terms.
You'll give us your PERSONAL data ONLY after accepting these terms.

We always ship via international traced mail.
The cost depends on package volume and weight.
Here's a short scheme for costs and delivery zones.

ZONE 1 (Europe and Mediterranean area) deliver in 7-10 days
up to 250gr = € 10
up to 1kg = € 15
up to 2kg = € 22

ZONE 2 (America, Asia, Africa) deliver in 10-15 days
up to 250gr = € 13
up to 1kg = € 20
up to 2kg = € 32

ZONE 3 (Oceania) deliver in 20-30 days
up to 250gr = € 15
up to 1kg = € 26
up to 2kg = € 36


We accept Paypal (2,5%fees)

If you have a Paypal account, and if you've just added your personal data, click forward and Paypal page will open.

Paypal needs your popup filter to be disabled. If Paypal page does not appear for this reason, just write us so that we'll send an invoice.

If you do NOT have a Paypal account, you can send money via international bank transfer.
After writing your personal data, add a note to the "additional notes" blank, then click forward and ignore the following page: You'll receive a mail resuming your shopping and we'll contact you as soon as possible to define your payment giving you our bank data.